Current Standing


Hey, this post is entirely filler but I’m bored so I’m going to post it anyway. In essence, this short post will cover my current standing and part of (?) my ideological progression to this point.

Firstly, I’m a run-of-the-mill Unconditional Accelerationist (U/Acc); I like to go fast and I have a patchwork fetish. In all seriousness though, the school of thought that surrounds “Accelerationism” is the only thing that’s fully managed to convince me while not being stuck in Liberal ideology, as opposed to my previous stances of Marxism, Anarcho-Communism, and Post-Left Anarchism (oddly I find myself taking more from Marx than I did even as a Marxist).

As with most of the “posties” turned Accelerationists, you can blame Nyx’s Cyber-Nihilism series. As something I would consider “grey-hat accelerationism” with a sprinkle of chan-culture and Lain worship, Cyber-Nihilism’s aesthetics fit my angsty teen personality perfectly, especially with me coming out of a phase of Orthodox Marxism with an infatuation with National Bolshevism. The Post-Left Anarchist stance I held when I initially started agreeing with Nyx’s work is something that is resonated in Nyx’s previous political alignments and something that I’m not sure she wanted to come through in those works but, hey, it did anyway.

The Anarchist basis that I used to enter into Accelerationism has never left me although I would consider it less prominent now that I’ve read the works of people such as Land and Deleuze and more thoroughly read Marx. My anarchistic nature is something that builds into my conception of patchwork which will be discussed in a later piece but for the time being, I view patchwork as something much more fluid and less hierarchical than what Moldbug seemingly proposes.

To conclude this mess of a post, I’m basically a very fast Anarchist with a kink for cyberpunk dystopias.