Afterthoughts on Chaos Ecology: Part 2



I’m currently in the final stretch of sixth form so I have to focus on my subjects for the time being; however, a part 3 is planned for soon after the exam season and will slowly be worked on during that time. I’ll try to release small updates here and there like this one to maintain some kind of poasting that I’ve historically neglected but they will be very short posts like in the style of this one.


While essentially ignored in the most recent post, patchwork was touched on in one of the earlier posts on here. The anarchist-adjacent project being constructed through this blog assumes patchwork as an inevitability but through a necessarily anti-state, feminist lens.

Post-collapse, patchwork is not only an inevitability but also a necessity. While the most popular conception, Moldbug’s patchwork only shares the namesake and necessity for fragmentation with the anarchistic conception of patchwork espouted here. While no claims can be made about how patchwork will look in the future, it’s safe to say that, without civilization, the state of affairs will resemble a patchwork-like structure. It’s already occuring in cyberspace through the increasing popularity of federated networks and the same can be said about meatspace through Brexit and associated movements.

None of this is in contradiction to the most recent post, in fact everything here should be read and combined with the previous to understand fully: the rule of Man is coming to an end and in the ahes, infinitely fragmenting patchworks of Women will come to fruition.